Mac DeMarco : This Old Dog


Synths, drum machines and acoustic guitars fill This Old Dog from start to finish, providing a new take on that Mac DeMarco charm we all love. Unlike previous albums, the already demoed tracks were given a chance to breathe and settle in. The results are mesmerising.
My Old Man is held together over a slow CR-78 beat, reminiscent of old organ beats. Swaying chord changes within each progression provide a modern twist and warm vocals invite you to get comfortable and settle in. 
An overwhelming sense of not holding onto anything that isn't required is evoked in title track, This Old Dog. Dreamy guitar licks flow in and out to leave you settled with DeMarco’s new tricks.
Still Beating is a heart-jerking love song that leaves you feeling grounded without being sad. A Hawaiian-style guitar slides into each section effortlessly, as the lyrics “My heart still beats for you even though you don't feel it,” let stripped-back vocals shine in a new light.
On the Level is a blissed-out dream pop banger. Siren like synths carry echoed vocals that pull back before it all gets too overwhelming, signifying a link to previous records. If you’re looking for a soundtrack to a lazy summer holiday, Dreams from Yesterday is your answer.
By Jemma King