Louis Theroux's acclaimed new documentary will premiere in Melbourne

The master documentarian returns in fine form. 

For the first time in cinemas, Louis Theroux's latest documentary Heroin Town will take to the big screen in an exclusive premiere event. 

Heroin Town explores communities trapped in the depths of addiction, and the flow-on effect millions of Americans are now facing since a crackdown on prescription painkillers. 

Since the crackdown on prescription painkillers, countless Americans have turned to heroin, with the drug now claiming more lives in the States than either car accidents or gun crime. 

The documentary features Theroux embedding himself within a community that's been devastated by addiction, as he follows frontline emergency services and users alike. 

Read our long-form interview with Louis Theroux here. 

Watch Louis Theroux: Heroin Town at Cinema Nova on Friday November 17, Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19.