Lost Under Heaven's 'Love Hates What You Become' is the feel-bad hit of the summer

Definitely not for those on the brink.

Lost Under Heaven is the partnership of Ellery Roberts and Ebony Hoorn. Hailing from England and Holland respectively, ghastly visions of leather-clad metal ghouls are brought about by the name. In reality, this is incorrect. 

Unfeasibly thin, Roberts is not weighed down by anything other than the raw drama of self-fulfilling prophecy that everything is doomed given the punishing environment of society. The crunching electro of ‘Come’ seems out of place when followed directly by ‘Bunny’s Blues’ and the vision of a floor of a grubby indie ghetto seems most inviting.

The pleading ‘The Breath Of Light’ makes you question Roberts’ mental state whilst the song remains sinister and resolute. ‘Most High’ goads the listener and is an example of how this band is capable of producing seasoned rock ‘n’ roll raunch as well as being reminiscent of the dearly missed We Are Augustines. The deeper you immerse yourself in the record, the clearer it becomes the band like their gimmicks and this simply adds to the allure.

Love Hates What You Become is the feel-bad hit of the summer. It draws on the big issues of love, hate, redemption and tragedy. Not a record to listen to by those on the brink, but as feel-bad listening goes, this is wonderful stuff, fit for the morally bankrupt seeking distilled debasement.