Lo Moon : Lo Moon

Some music demands undivided attention. For Lo Moon, the opposite is true. This vaporous, icy-cool debut from the LA-based electronic trio is too diffuse for satisfying focused listening, but works well as a soundtrack for other activities.
With flavours of late Phil Collins and early Coldplay, Lo Moon sails through a nightscape where songs illuminate like placid supernovae. Singer Matt Lowell’s repetitive intonations transform semantically meaningful lyrics into mantras – even on vocals-centred tracks like ‘My Money’, the words are just a peg on which to hang Lowell’s ringing, mesmeric voice. Each track is carried along by the cold effusions of Crisanta Baker’s vintage Nord synths, sometimes embellished with R&B-ish clapping and snapping.
Though each of Lo Moon’s ten tracks is strongly atmospheric and well-realised in its own right,the album’s limited palette makes it less than the sum of its parts. There are few themes explored throughout the record not already fleshed out in its first few minutes. ‘This Is It’ best exemplifies the album’s virtues with smooth choral hooks and glacial rhythms.
Lo Moon’s narrow range limits it as a choice for close listening, but recommends it as a soundtrack to driving, dancing or doing homework.