Little Simz is pushing listeners to find the strength in vulnerability

With changing levels of energy and emotion, Grey Area celebrates all the parts of what it means to be a human.

Grey Area is an album that displays the strength in vulnerability. Infusing rock and neo-soul, Little Simz pushes the listener through differing levels of energy and emotion. Starting strong in both energy and stature, Simz becomes increasingly more revealing and earnest; exhibiting herself as not just a strong woman of colour, but a human being with doubts and regrets.

“I’m a boss in a fucking dress”, declares Little Simz, using energetic rhythm to reinforce messages of empowerment, protest and self-reflection. Grey Area is peppered with elements of soul, collaborations with the likes of Little Dragon and Michael Kiwanuka and Little Simz’s hard and honest rhymes.

“I can’t sleep at night/I don’t wanna fight/My best friend is I/I’m so selfish” she asserts with ‘Selfish’, a bittersweet, retrospective look into the mind of someone in conflict with themselves and the decisions that have shaped them.

Grey Area is well paced, filled with personality (the occasional nostalgic sample comes into play) and brings its A-game lyrically. 50% laid back, 50% energy, 100% worth your time.