Little Dragon : 'Lover Chanting'

The Swedish act make a satisfactory return.

It’s hard to believe that Swedish act Little Dragon have been doing the rounds for more than two decades. Hitting the big time in 2009 at the height of the indie-electro wave with sophomore album Machine Dreams, the quartet’s recent output has been varied at best.
Their new EP, Love Chanting isn’t exactly a return to form, offering little in the way of progression when it comes to the band’s sound. Anyone familiar with Little Dragon will know what to expect with this four-track release: upbeat synth melodies, indie influences, splashes of R&B and pop soundscapes and Yukimi Nagano’s sensually soulful vocals.
The title track is five and a half minutes of infectious electro-funk reminiscent of the band’s earlier work. Next up Little Dragon slide into house territory with the slinky ‘In My House’. Nagano takes centre stage cooing, “Take it slower, take it slower”, over and over as the bassline digs deep. ‘Timothy’ is a cosy jam taking things down a notch before an edited version of ‘Lover Chanting’ brings the short four track EP to a close.
It’s nice to hear from Little Dragon again, but unless you’re a die-hard fan there’s nothing here to keep you coming back.
By Tobias Handke