Listening Club: Alice Ivy teams up with Bertie Blackman for 'Chasing Stars'

A delicious slice of driving synth pop. 

Welcome to Listening Club, where Beat Editor James Di Fabrizio guides you through a curation of the best new releases – from Australia to the world. 

Melbourne's own Alice Ivy has dropped her latest single, 'Chasing Stars', further cementing her position as one of 2018's must-follow producers. 

Bolstered by the ARIA-winning pipes of Bertie Blackman, the track itself is a shimmering example of Australian synth pop. Blackman's harmonies cascade over each other, ensconced by Ivy's typically lush production. 

It's the latest in a string of singles from Alice Ivy as she works towards the release of her forthcoming album, I'm Dreaming, due out February 9. 

“’Chasing Stars’ is one of my favourite moments on the album,” says Ivy. “Being given the opportunity to work with Bertie was a dream come true for me. The dynamics of the instrumentation are the perfect fit to the strong and sometimes fragile moments of Bertie’s vocals on the song, which are so rich with emotion and meaning.

"The vocal tracking only took three hours; however, the instrumentation is what took the longest. I’ve hung onto this song in demo form for about a year and a half now." 

Check out 'Chasing Stars' below.