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Laura Jean: A Fool Who’ll

Laura Jean’s third album, A fool who’ll, is a little like a Melbourne weather report; ‘dark clouds forming, sunny at times with rain easing’. Just like a day in our wonderful city, this experience is rich and enjoyable.

Most notable to the sound of A fool who’ll is Laura Jean’s newly-utilised electric guitar which leads a variety of stringed instruments, horns, well-placed keys and accordion. Spring and Australia provide the greatest assortment of textured sounds, wavering in the highs and lows and offering the most energy. The latter being a spiteful critique of who we are and what we’ve become as a nation, “We come from people who risked it all / we come from people who broke the law / now I need a stamped piece of paper to take a piss / like we’re still a gaol for the English”.


Valenteen is an acoustic exception; a song of colours and loving. They’re certainly tales close to the heart for Jean, the sincerity is not lost.


Core to each track is the haunting echoes of the Laura Jean Trio; including Biddy Connor and Jen Scholakis, lifting to operatic standard on My Song. Laura Jean’s vocal is as earthy and delicate as the words she sings and the little worlds she creates for the listener.


Laura Jean has always been an active and highly recognised member of the Melbourne music community. She gives them, the State Government and VicRocks program thanks for all their assistance. It’s a result tax-payers and Laura Jean should be proud of.



Best Track: Missing You


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In A Word: Constant