Laura Imbruglia : What A Treat

Expanding from a three-piece to a five-piece band, independent artist Laura Imbruglia has returned with a third album, titled What A Treat. The album’s best tracks are scattered, the affectionate country-bop of Awoooh! making for a fine first impression. Later, bluesy break-up ditty Ain’t Done Yet sees a sassy Imbruglia indulge in a savage lecture. The clever ensemble effort of The Intervention emerges a folk novelty and another key track. Overall, What A Treat serves to illustrate Imbruglia’s formidable talents as a lyricist. The album offers meditations on lust, shame and bitterness, each made irresistible thanks to Imbruglia’s razor-sharp wit. She possesses a rare means of engagement, whether it be through a turn of unguarded honesty or some bleak-but-humorous quip. Imbruglia has always offered up unique personal insights through her writing and this ability to be forthright colours What A Treat.


Aesthetically, What A Treat presents a fusion of Imbruglia’s past form, the album sporting all the hallmarks of its predecessors. There’s some folk, a little bit of country, a dash of power-pop, each faintly reminiscent of Imbruglia’s body of work to date. What A Treat suffers from feeling a little inoffensive at times, though, its mish-mash of styles diluted. Imbruglia’s debut album remains the most exciting and enigmatic of her career and, at times, listeners will be left hungry for its ingenuity. Overall, What A Treat is serviceable, stirring excitement for Imbruglia’s next move.




Best Track: Awoooh!

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In A Word: Lyrical