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Lanie Lane : To The Horses

Lanie Lane has garnered praise from all corners of late and her debut LP, To The Horses, goes some way to repaying the faith. The album demonstrates her wealth of potential through a comprehensive melting pot of genres. Lane indulges in a little bit of everything - blues, roots, jazz, pop and country - throughout eleven entertaining tracks.

A slinky double bass cues up Bang Bang, a rollicking blues and roots archetype that works to provide a few potent clues as to what to expect from the record. An early highlight is established in the racy Like Me Meaner, its sultry shuffle paving the way for Lane's disarming delivery. Later, the lumbering melancholy of What Do I Do yields similar success, chains rattling behind a solemn, all-male choir.


It could be an issue that, as much as Lane leaps from genre to genre, an inherent consistency still exists throughout To The Horses. A leap of faith is never entertained, the production somewhat stifling in a record defined by its unwavering character. Lane's talents alone are bound to engage listeners should monotony threaten, however. So much of To The Horses' appeal is owed to her undeniable presence, her sublime vocals among the album's enduring attractions. All in all, To The Horses proves a sweet, sound debut effort.


Best track: Like Me Meaner

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In A Word: Sweet

Lanie Lane's To The Horses Is Out Now Via Ivy League