L.A. Mood : Crushing Highs and Amazing Lows


Crushing Highs and Amazing Lows is the debut release from L.A. Mood, the solo project of much loved Melbourne musician Dave Mudie. When he’s not touring the world as Courtney Barnett’s drummer, he’s playing in a host of local bands such as Baby Blue and Gumboot, earning him a reputation of being one of the country’s most dependable musicians. This makes his solo project one that you know is going to be satisfying from the get go.
Opener Two Hearts possesses the same high energy as Gumboot, with Mudie’s vocals showing off a drawl not too dissimilar from that of Kurt Vile’s. Virgin Song could be described as what the Eagles might sound like in 2017, with Mudie’s delivery taking on a more airy quality, as he’s backed by country-style instrumentation. Lil’ Ditty has a ‘60s sounding organ that pairs interestingly with a stripped backing, Mudie considerably more introspective. 90s closes out the EP on an epic note, the song building up over its course to reveal a superb guitar solo.
Mudie might be making music in Melbourne, but each track on the EP transports the listener to the sun-soaked streets of California, proving that you don’t have to live in America to make good Americana-inspired music.