La Dispute : Panorama

La Dispute have been labelled many things over the course of their musical career. 

Starting out as a post-hardcore, tears-down-the-cheeks band, they’ve managed to stay consistent in one way through each song they’ve released to date: they’ve always been themselves. 

La Dispute have managed to retain the world-weary, hyper-insightful lyricism they put to the world last time, but it’s changed into a somehow more beautiful creation on this record. Using the same lyrical cadence and style he’s known for, frontman Jordan Dreyer weaves the namesake of this album, a panorama of moments in time, in perfect harmony with beautiful, varied instrumentation. 

But it’s different to all that came before it. It’s not as intimate this time. It doesn’t cover finding family photos in the shed, nor a loved one reading in a sun-filled lounge; it’s larger than that. It covers the visions and encounters of one man in a world far larger than he is. It details the sights he sees and threads his emotions through it. 

Panorama isn’t just an album. It’s a journey, a masterpiece of humanity and of music, well and truly.