L-Fresh the Lion: Become


L-Fresh the Lion – AKA Sukhdeep Singh – has tirelessly worked for recognition for his culture-jamming, hybridised hip hop, and it’s finally paying off with the release of his second album. As the title implies, Become is an album that about accepting oneself and pressing forward in clear defiance of the systemic obstacles that lie in your way.
Singh wages war on diaspora (Get Mine), ignorance of his spiritual beliefs (Panjab: An Introduction) and the bogan fan problem in Australian hip hop (the single-worthy Hold Up, which features Melbourne MC Remi). He's angry at the world around him, unquestionably, but his anger is eloquently conveyed via devastating flows and lyrical swipes that fly by so quickly they won’t properly sink in until halfway through the next track.
Picking up the pace on tracks like Get Mine or Takeover, Singh is more or less untouchable – particularly on the former, where he utters a line that will affect many on a personal and existential level: “They tell me to go home / But I'm from here.” Become means business.