Kingswood : After Hours, Close to Dawn


Sophomore album After Hours, Close to Dawn has some really great tracks on it. Lead single Creepin sounded great live and is impressive on record. Golden drew a lot of attention for its distinct and ‘un-Kingswood’ sound. It’s a really good song – yes, it does sound different to the tracks on their debut, but is that such a terrible thing? Library Books is another strong and energetic track.
 Belle iswhere you might start scratching your head. It’s minimalist and feels like it’s building towards something. Just when it should kick into gear, a female voice starts speaking French. Go figure. Big City is a better number. It has a yesteryear vibe that’s instantly endearing. Like Your Mother rings of The Dead Weather like the title suggests, however it’s piano-laden. That might sound like a terrible recipe but it works surprisingly well.
Rebel Babe has a ‘70s feel about it, while Atmosphere is fuzzy and upbeat. 75 percent of the tracks here are pretty good, it is just they feel eclectic. However, the bare bones are a good collection of songs.
By Alexander Crowden