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Kimbra @ The Palais

From the moment Kimbra burst onto the stage on this dreary Wednesday night the feisty New Zealander provided plenty of energy and attitude, owning her audience from start to finish. Wearing an eye-catching silver dress, Kimbra danced across the stage with her tambourine and powerful vocals never missing a beat.


Two Way Street was a sultry stand out, showcasing the talent of her backup singers and support band, who carried the singer faithfully throughout the night. Kimbra’s voice is unfalteringly captivating, even in its softer moments there is a great undercurrent of strength, and she executed every song with fierce confidence. Old Flame ushered in a change of pace for the night, slowing down the tempo after the heated energy of the show’s opening. This song was perfectly seductive, highlighting the husky and hypnotising quality of Kimbra’s voice.


Her high-energy tracks were certainly the highlight though, with newcomer Warrior bringing out the singer’s most dynamic performance. For this song Kimbra really kicked into high gear, pouring passion into her latest masterpiece. As the dying notes of Warrior played out, Kimbra ran off stage, building suspense whilst giving the audience a brief moment to draw breath. Reappearing to reveal an outfit change, Kimbra twirled around to show off a bright red dress, getting right back to business with Call Me, followed by crowd favourite Settle Down. There was a great dreamy quality to this song, which added a touch of innocence to the night.


Kimbra ended her set with a bang, launching into Cameo Lover to an ecstatic crowd. The stage lighting was more subdued for this final performance, emphasising how brightly Kimbra shines on her own. There was obvious joy throughout this track as confetti rained down from the ceiling, tying in well with the colourful, positive energy of the night. The mood throughout the Palais was electric as Kimbra exited the stage to rapturous applause, captivating her audience until the very end. Not only did Kimbra provide a great night of entertainment, but I can’t fault her voice or any aspect of her performance.



LOVED: Kimbra’s stage presence.

HATED: Having to stay seated throughout the gig for risk of falling over the balcony – a well-policed Palais policy.

DRANK: Apple cider.