The Killers delivered a world-class rock show in Melbourne

Shining as bright as Brandon Flowers' suit collection. 

The Killers are a phenomenal live band - you probably already know that if you witnessed a moment of their previous visit – but this wasn’t just your regular, casual Friday night rock show. The energy was electric, the staging was next level, but the performance - that was truly memorable.

From the opening notes of ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ the scene was set, but you know the night is going to be huge when the second song (‘The Man’) is welcomed with confetti canons. While the set was spread evenly across their fifteen-year discography, the reception for ‘Somebody Told Me’ made it clear early on that their 2004 debut Hot Fuss still holds strong in the hearts of many of their fans - and the songs haven’t aged at all.

Speaking of aging, Brandon Flowers hasn’t in the last fifteen years (where is that fountain of youth hiding?). He is the quintessential frontman - all class, swagger and confidence, with the right amount of dorky dance moves to prove he is human.

The stage presence was but one part, as The Killers breezed their way through a 21-song set filled with their biggest hits, non-single fan favourites and choice cuts from their latest album. But it was the band’s choice of covers - their tribute to Australia in INXS’ ‘Don’t Change’ and Dire Straits’ ‘Romeo and Juliet’ that provided some real surprises.

There wasn’t much crowd interaction between songs, The Killers instead happy to squeeze as many tracks into their two hours on stage as they could manage. But the 11,000 or so fans in the building didn’t seem to mind missing out on the pleasantries, instead using their voices to sing and shout along as loud as they could.

The main part of the set finished in glorious form with ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’. Were it not for the omission of a couple of standout tracks, everyone would’ve been reasonably satisfied for things to end there.

Flowers then re-emerged onstage in the most beautiful, dazzling suit ever created. Commenting on outfits is so whatever, but believe, this outfit is one that has to be seen. They kicked into ‘The Calling’ from Wonderful Wonderful, before the punch of ‘When We Were Young’ and of course, ‘Mr Brightside’. In those final three minutes, we all came out of our cages, but I’m certain none of us were doing fine at all. It was every sing-along you’ve been a part of in the last fifteen years coming together, and it was nothing short of glorious.

"Putting on a rock show, it ain't easy," Flowers said at a show earlier this year, but from where we were standing The Killers did a bloody good job of making it look like it was.

Highlight: The encore suit. Someone find me that tailor, please.

Lowlight: There was a small (large) part of me that really wanted Jack Riewoldt to get on stage during ‘Mr Brightside’.

Crowd Favourite: ‘Mr Brightside’.