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Kill Teen Angst

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Name/Band: Brenton/Kill Teen Angst.

Define your genre in five words or less:

Indie Punk Rock.


So, someone is walking past as you guys are playing, they then go get a beer and tell their friend about you... what do they say?

Who the fuck are these guys? They're great!


How long have you been gigging and writing?

Kill Teen Angst has been around for about 5 years, the original members (Scott and Brenton) have been playing music together for about 15 years - since year 10.


What has been your favourite gig you've played to date?

We played a show at the Corner Hotel here in Melbourne, supporting Shihad and Regular John, the crowd energy and atmosphere was amazing! Laneway Festival 2010 in Perth was also a favourite of mine.


Which band would you most like to have a battle/showdown with?

This question will get us in trouble…we used to have rivalries with certain acts who we've shared members with in the past, who have moved eastwards to become national darlings. We're over that now, happy with what we're doing - a winner-takes-all showdown between us and the creators of 99% of the shit that get on Triple J high-rotation these days would be readily accepted.


What inspires or has influenced your music the most?

Distortion pedals, big amps and the desire to make a different sound to everybody else are big factors in the music we make.


What do you think a band has to do these days to succeed?

You have to believe in yourself and don't rely on encouragement from others, it most people in this industry have their own agendas…You should avoid following any current trends because nothing will date your sound faster!


Do you have any record releases to date? What? Where can I get it?

Our album No Walls In The Sky was recently released on Gun Fever Records via Firestarter Distribution, you can get it at cool CD shops, at our shows and online from Bandcamp.com and iTunes.


Why should everyone come and see your band?

Because we will play you a set you won't soon forget - and show a sound where power and melody, beauty and emotion all collide. Besides, we'd come and see your band!


When are you playing live/releasing your album/EP/single/etc?

We are playing Yah Yah's and the Pony 2am slot on Friday August of August, as part of our national album launch tour.