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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
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The Khyber Belt vs Sub Atari Knives

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Tyson (The Khyber Belt [pictured]) questions Nick (Sub Atari Knives)…


What is a Sub Atari Knife and how did you get so many?
Well, when you buy the Sub Atari Blender from Demtel you get a free set of Sub Atari Knives. Needless to say we are pretty big on home shopping.


How can the kids get a hold of your tunes?
We are releasing our debut EP around mid Sept. Get it via our FB page, iTunes or by picking up a copy at a show.


Within the animal kingdom who would be your ideal fan base?
Humans I'd say. None of the other animals we invite tend to show up to our gigs for some reason. Stuff 'em.


What special delights can punters expect from you dudes at Showdown?
Mate! We will be bringing the full tilt, silo-styled beats and blasts along with our mega flashy, flashy light projection show extravaganza! Like camping, it’s intense!


Is Nick your real name or your nick name?
No. I actually nicked the name Nick just in the nick of time from another Nick. I think Nick was his nickname though.


Nick (Sub Atari Knives) harasses Tyson (The Khyber Belt)…


Recently The Khyber Belt stood up Sub Atari Knives (yeah, whatever....) to go off and tour stadiums with Evanescence. What was that like?
It really woke me up inside. It saved me. It saved all of us really. 


You guys are comprised of previous members of three other awesome Oz bands. Has it been hard to find a common ground when it comes time to write? 

Not really, we have an app for that. 


Being a "supergroup", does anyone in the band actually possess any super powers to speak of?

I once saw Forbes impregnate an avocado with his eyeballs. 


What can we expect from TKB at Showdown? AND, do you guys keep your rider anywhere specific or...?

High-octane ear explosions and a general transference of the mind and soul to a higher realm of understanding, love and joy. That's also where we keep our rider. 


What does the near future hold for TKB?

We're all going to see Batman, again. 

THE KHYBER BELT and SUB ATARI KNIVES play SHOWDOWN AT THE CORNER, taking place this Friday August 3 at The Corner Hotel with Bellusira, Hotel On Mayfair, Engine Three Seven and heaps more.