Khalid's 'Free Spirit' is a continuation of the velvety songwriting he's become known for

The adored hip hop artist has produced another solid work.

Since 2017, Khalid has been able to keep himself afloat in the charts with multiple collaborations and his own solo music. His second solo album Free Spirit offers what you’ve come to expect of the young artist.

A 17-track mammoth, his sophomore album is somewhat peculiar in its enormity, but Khalid brings the successful framework for his songs yet again on this release. His melancholic yet hopeful lyrics are ever-present on this album and remain as subjective as ever. From the apologetic ‘My Bad’ to the therapeutic ‘Talk’, Khalid retains the themes he’s been holding onto throughout his short career.

‘Hundred’, ‘Saturday Nights’ and ‘Alive’ are highlights that demonstrate Khalid’s stunning vocals, his pitches brilliantly wavering between dreamlike baritones and falsettos – he doesn’t let his guard down the whole album.

It’s a settling album; it doesn’t ask for trouble and welcomes you with open arms. Khalid seems to know what his audience wants from him, so he delivers in a rather slick and catchy fashion.