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The Key Of Sea Volume 2 Set For October Release

The Key Of Sea, released back in 2012, was a compilation of beautiful songs performed by some of Australia's most revered and respected musicians, telling some quintessentially Australian stories through their performances.

This October will see the release of The Key Of Sea Volume 2, bringing together a group of different Australian musicians to create “an articulation of shared values and a testament to what can be achieved when people with vastly different backgrounds set their minds to the creation of beautiful things.”
This year's compilation will feature acts such as Jinja Safari, Paul Kelly, Dick Diver and Chet Faker team up with other Australian musicians who have “brought their musical heritage from across the oceans”, to create a uniquely Australian album.

The Key Of Sea Volume 2 will be released Friday October 19 on CD/Digital via MGM. For more information, head to The Key Of Sea website.