Katie Noonan : Fierce Hearts – The Music of Love-Song-Circus

Those of us who have been fortune enough to attend a performance of Love-Song-Circus were treated to a captivating combination of music, history and circus. Composed by vocalist Katie Noonan, Love-Song-Circus draws inspiration from a National Museum exhibition titled Love Tokens.Fierce Hearts – The Music of Love-Song-Circus is the soundtrack to this critically acclaimed production. This album takes us on a musical journey exploring the history of Australia’s convict women, paying tribute to their strength and courage.


Fierce Hearts – The Music of Love-Song-Circus is folk music at its best. Noonan’s sublime vocals, piano and heartfelt songwriting combines seamlessly with The Gossamer String Quartet, ensuring that this album is a joy to listen to. Drawing us in from the very first track, this beautiful, yet at times very sad album is flawless from start to finish. Favourite songs are Ellen and Mary, which are lively. Such is the strength of this album, however, that any of the songs could be considered a favourite. Noonan is also a great storyteller, singing every word with conviction and powerfully connecting to each and every lyric.


With her outstanding musicianship and versatility, it’s easy to see why Katie Noonan is one of Australia’s most loved artists. Fierce Hearts – The Music of Love-Song-Circus is an album not to be missed.




Best Track: Ellen
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In A Word: Beautiful