Karen O Danger Mouse : Lux Prima

Karen O & Danger Mouse is a collaboration of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s frontwoman (Karen O) and Svengali musician/producer (Danger Mouse).

The title track of their debut album Lux Prima conjures visions of entering an MGM feature at the Astor. All ghostly voices and Cinemascope styling. The vintage approach almost parallels their design for a collaborative effort, which has apparently been in gestation for over a decade.

Karen O sounds resolutely downbeat and heroically disaffected as the music swirls around in all shapes and currents. ‘Ministry’ shunts at the air with wistful resignation. It is this drollness which makes the record almost catchy. ‘Woman’ is a return to a more known sound, one that’s crisply produced and suited to wide open spaces.

‘Drown’ engages with becalmed restraint and shoots off gasping tangents. Gothic humour abounds. “Please let me down”. ‘Why not?’, you say.

‘Reveries’ is anything but and reaches for a weepy rustic blues and some ponderous intonations, whilst sounding thoroughly engaging and wise.