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Geoff Gill at Ink Entertainment’s Soundforce

When did you first start making music? I was raised in a very musically talented family. I started writing my own music as a teenager – I had my Mum teach me basics in piano and I taught myself some guitar, but my passion was all in training my vocals and writing lyrics.
What do you reckon people will say you sound like? I can’t think of anyone I sound like, but family and friends have given me feedback saying I sound a little like Janis Joplin, and that I have a lot of influence for the ‘60s era of soul and jazz.
Tell us about your single, ‘Man on the Mountain’. ‘Man on the Mountain’ is a collaboration of two experiences – my producer heard the guitar riff in a dream, and saw a monk sitting on a mountain. The next day he tracked the riff. That night I had a rough time and came to the studio to de-stress, when Andy played the riff to me, the words just flowed.
What do you love about making music? I love that I can express my thoughts, feelings and ideas through music, and experiment with sounds and words other people can connect with. I love that I can take my experiences and create something so personal to myself and to others.
What inspires your music most? Experiences in my life can motivate me to write music, but I get most of my writing inspiration from visualising or hearing a story, and wanting to tell it to the world.

Kara will release her single ‘Man on the Mountain’ on Friday March 2. It can be found on Spotify, triple j Unearthed, Apple Music, and all other streaming services.