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Kanye West and Jay-Z : Watch The Throne

Following a year-long wait, Kanye West and Jay-Z have gone H.A.M (hard as motherfuckers, for the unitiated) and delivered one of this year's most anticipated albums. Early in 2011, this heavyweight collaboration was set in stone when they released H.A.M. - a song that signified the strength of their partnership, and just a taste of what worldwide fans were to expect from the forthcoming album.

The pair fought against the ability to have their album leaked - and they won. No one got a taste of …The Throne until its official release. On August 8, the anticipation was over.


Immediately, it's difficult to not pay attention. No Church In The Wild opens the record with a constant pounding throughout the entire track - a beat that you're almost compelled to bounce your head to.


I could be bias in judging this album considering just how overly eager I was for its release, but it didn't disappoint, and I'm here to prove just that to you. The best thing about this album, it's an album full of hits. Each song in its own right has the ability to be a "single". With that said, though, the album's biggest downfall has to be Lift Off which guest stars Beyonce. I get it, she's married to Jay-Z, but her chorus in that song just adds to much R&B to an album that is pure unadulterated hip hop, and my bet for one - if not the - album of the year.




Best Track: Otis , Who Gon Stop Me


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In A Word: H.A.M.

(Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella)