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Josh Pyke @ The Forum

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Everything seemed to unravel exactly as planned. The Forum was full but not bourgeoning – I certainly wasn’t hassling for poll position – the supports Jackson McLaren and Gossling were note perfect and inoffensive and then Josh played hit after hit. None of this is a bad thing. It was a very pleasant outing. Perhaps a little too pleasant, but pleasant nonetheless. 


Josh opened things up with Goldmines and that pretty much set the scene for the rest of the show. This was followed with The Doldrums and Fed The Wolves, which were predictably fantastic. As always at pop/acoustic shows the crowd swayed and shuffled slightly uncomfortably and there was the occasional spot fire fist pump – quickly extinguished. Josh thanked the crowd for the continued support saying touring his latest offering had been the most rewarding experience to date, although only playing a smattering of songs from the latest album.


There is no doubt Josh Pyke is an prodigious talent, easily plucking songs from his first EP that stand their ground against his more recent hits however that almost felt like a hindrance on the night. He reaches a level, albeit a high one, and doesn’t stray off course. Throw something shitty in there Josh so we remember just how good you are! Our House Breathing was great and encore tune Staring Down The Sun was a treat.


Unfortunately Josh made a joke about encores and then went off stage anyway. Don’t do that please. Ever. It had been a long time between Josh Pyke gigs and he did everything right – it all just felt very G-rated. I felt mature or something. Perhaps better suited to a Sunday evening. 



LOVED: Staring Down The Sun.
HATED: Fairly hate-free environment.
DRANK:  Rice milk.