John Morales

You’ve worked with countless international acts such as Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones, Spandau Ballet, Aretha Franklin and more. Was there a person or project that you worked on that served as a career highlight? I always reflect on my first mix with Jocelyn Brown. That made me realise that I wanted music to be my life, and some 40 years later I’m grateful I made that decision.
You’ve been producing and arranging disco music for the better part of three decades. What has changed, and what has stayed the same over this time? Obviously the technology and how you go about making music has changed, but for me the basic concept and philosophy of the construction of dance music has always stayed the same.
What’s your favourite part about coming to Australia? My favourite part is absolutely the friends I have made, and the acceptance of the music I love. It’s always a highlight to come to Melbourne and share this with everyone.
What can attendees expect ahead of your massive set at Belleville? Dancing shoes are definitely mandatory. Melbourne is my favourite place to play, not only in Australia, but in the world. I have some special tunes and mixes I’ve brought for the occasion – I’m really looking forward to playing at Belleville.
You’ve already made some huge milestones over the course of your career. Do you still have a bucket list of people you’d like to work with? One of my favourites is Sade, and I’d love to work with Lisa Stansfield. And working with Jocelyn Brown is always a pleasure.

John Morales will perform at Belleville on Saturday February 25.