John Garcia : 'John Garcia & the Band of Gold'

The ex-Kyuss frontman is back at it.

The undisputed desert king has returned. Following the acoustic explorations of 2017’s The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues, former Kyuss frontman John Garcia is back to his old tricks with his new John Garcia & the Band of Gold, offering up a down ‘n’ dirty debut so sun-soaked that you could catch a tan off the speakers.

Album opener ‘Space Vato’ lumbers in like a dregged out stoner sasquatch, before rearing back and lurching into a fat slab of that signature desert riffery that we’ve come to expect from Garcia - it’s clear from the jump that this isn’t so much a rebirth as it is a resurrection.

The Band of Gold show no sign of slowing on the swaggering lead single ‘Jim’s Whiskers’ or the infectious disco-stomp of ‘Chicken Delight’, while album highlight ‘Kentucky II’ serves up grooves as deep as the furrows in Luke Perry’s brow. Things only get fatter from there, with the pace refusing to let up until album closer ‘Softer Side’ slides on in to gently cradle you back to Earth from whatever cloud you were riding. 

If you’re after surprises, you wont find one here. But if you’re after a downright filthy forty minutes of fuzz, you’ve come to the right place.