Joe Jackson's magic is still intact on 'Fool'

The Grammy award-winning musician has still got it.

Musical indiscrimination seems to follow Joe Jackson everywhere he goes. You just pick up any album – like his previous outing Fast Forward, in which he dedicates four sections of music to a city of his choice. He’s a man who stretches his talent to use whatever genre or theme he can to make the song cool; Joe Jackson style.

Shorter in length, however, his latest album Fool does exactly as expected. Waving his wand, Jackson pulls out the tricks you already know and love. 

He whips out his unique, melodic senses for songs like ‘Kisses’ and ‘Big Black Cloud’; the latter being a highlight.  On ‘Fool’ and ‘Fabulously Absolute’, his spikey wit is noticeably at the forefront of his lyrics, and the latter has a surprising punk vibe in it. So surprising, I nearly fell out of my chair.

The piano work on this album gives it more depth too, with ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Strange Land’ demonstrating his wizardry, and the work of his session players as well. 

Keeping it consistently inconsistent, Jackson’s magic is still intact after all these years.


By Rhys McKenzie