Jess Ribeiro's dreamlike new album 'LOVE HATE' takes listeners on an otherworldly journey

Melbourne's beloved songwriter returns with her most entrancing work yet.

If you want to be placed in a trance and massaged by hypnotic vocals, LOVE HATE is the expedition for you. Both melancholic and stimulating at the same time, the album sees Jess Ribeiro employ minimalistic lyricism to dictate her message, leaving the listener to further discern the meaning through the instrumental – an effervescent mélange of dream-pop and psych-rock.

‘Vignettes’ enables Ribeiro to express particular emotions without conventional constraints. Across the three instalments – none of which extend beyond two minutes – each track arrives and fleetingly departs without superfluity. 

‘Chair Stare’ is a semi-erotic display of sexual tension – “Waiting for me, so unmoving honey”, “You know what I like to do” – tantalising lyrics as she describes staring at her lover. ‘Stranger’ is a love dedication with its nature revealed in the final verse, “I like you so much, one day maybe we’ll speak”.

Ribeiro’s third album, LOVE HATE is one to listen to when you’re laid back and looking for something to fade into. It’s non-intrusive and makes for the perfect Sunday afternoon listen.