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It happens to the best of us – those pesky nerves come creeping up and before you know it you’re feeling a bit of a knot in your belly… Well, according to Jericco frontman Brent McCormick there’s a solution to the problem, and it’s a pretty simple affirmation to remember: “I just remind myself that this is what I was born to do!” Easy-peasy, then.

“We’ve just done a massive tour with Dead Letter Circus and it’s been amazing,” McCormick says. “Adelaide was sold out, it’s just been absolutely crazy, it’s been amazing. The Dead Letter Circus guys have been really good to us and we’d toured with them last year too. It’s great for us because we’re touring with an established band and that can be quite nerve-racking in itself because you know they’re listening to your band the whole time! So yes, the nerves are still there, for sure! It’s actually funny because we played a show at The Espy with them last year and when I spoke to Kim [Benzie, Dead Letter Circus vocalist] he asked me, ‘how are you feeling, man?’ and I said, ‘a little bit nervous!’, and I remember he just goes, ‘well, it’s too late now, man!’ And that still kind of makes me laugh a bit because it really is like that, there’s no time to be nervous, and if you just remember that this is what you were born to do, it just doesn’t make sense to be nervous.”


And McCormack certainly was born to do ‘this’ – having recently released a live record of a “mind-blowing” Sydney show, the singer announces Jericco is currently working on a full-length album, with current single Monster serving as a nice little taste-test of what’s to come.
“We wanted to put a live CD out because we recorded a gig in Sydney late last year and about 90 precent of it was straight off the desk,” says McCormack. “After we finished the show we sat down and listened to it and it was one of those moments where you just know that everything clicks, the planets have aligned. We thought it would be good to release it because our fans would be happy about it while we’re in the process of writing our new album. We’ve been playing two new tracks so far, Monster and Chilli and the response has been amazing! We’ve only just finished tracking Monster with Forrester Savell, and he’s been great to work with! We’re trying to create something a bit special and unique and we’ve got a bit of a new sound for the new album, we’re crossing a few boundaries that other people haven’t. We’ve got a new drummer now too, Matt Bray, and he’s brought a lot of new influences just by himself! The whole band is reenergised and shifting in direction and keeping an open mind but still very much focused on the middle-eastern flavour.”


It’s kind of hard not to, as McCormack points out, especially when two of your band members are Israeli and Palestinian. It’s the exotic flavour of the band’s sound, in fact, which Jericco most prides itself on, as McCormack adds. But too much of something is never a good thing, which is why fans can expect Jericco to not deviate too much from their current progressive/rock sound too...


“The trick is to not try and over-do the middle-eastern thing, though! You have to do it tastefully because it can get tiresome and it’s been done before too. So I’d say right now it’s sounding rather more like it has a middle-eastern undertone but with an authentic sound and a modern edge with a rock feel. When you think about it, we’ve got Matt who is very into funk and groove-based stuff, whereas some of us like Australian rock, and Jordie [Nagle, guitar] is into punk and hardcore and country… It sounds like it could be all over the place on paper, but put together it makes sense. When we get together, we create Jericco.”

Jericco headline Ingite! at The Prague this Saturday September 24.