The Japanese House is more experimental than ever on her debut album 'Good At Falling'

Amber Bain's debut album has been long-awaited.

Having released a handful of EPs so far, The Japanese House’s Amber Bain’s debut album has been long-awaited. Now that it’s here, Good At Falling shows off Bain’s stylings in new and interesting ways.

The album is immediately flung into chaos. ‘went to meet her’ is bombarded with leaping autotuned phrases and cries of “stop” before calming down – much like one would when coming down from a fit of rage. What follows is an agonising acknowledgment of a relationship falling apart. ‘You Seemed So Happy’ is an ironically upbeat tune about coming to terms with your partner’s dissatisfaction. ‘Everybody Hates Me’ is pretty straight forward. ‘somethingfartoogoodtofeel’ is a soft lament sung over strings and guitar strums. A sudden sadness festering from what (or who) Bain no longer has that proves a refreshing insight into the intricacies of the relationship.

Bain’s lush electro-pop stylings aren’t shockingly new to anyone that’s followed her trickle of singles over the past four years. At times, however, the walls of sound can be hard to digest, but perhaps this is the point. Breakups are messy and the fluctuation between pop and pandemonium reflects just that. With each song possessing a unique quality, it’s safe to say Bain will be back with something different, yet again, soon.