James Crooks' 'Blame My Soul' fits snug within the indie dance catalogue

It's a comfortable listen without being to adventurous.

Blame My Soul is an enjoyable addition to the indie-pop/dance catalogue. Its tracklist demonstrates dance and R&B, but the mix adds a dream-pop texture. A complimentary array of featured artists compile the vocals, giving each track a different dynamic, exclusive of the instrumental. James Crooks has constructed a consistent body of work, that can be played back to back or individually with equal effect.

“Naturally I’m holding up my sleeves, so I’ll pack my things and leave,” sings Paige IV, the feature on ‘Naturally’, her voice caressing the energetic but dreamy array of drums and keys underneath. The project is hook driven and you could hear each chorus played over a beach ad, without much imagination. “For all the years of, letting go and all the nights I blamed my soul,” are the lyrics that drive the title track, ‘Blame My Soul’, executed by Tyne-James Organ, with a verby mix and summer beat beneath to keep you moving.

Blame My Soul is easy listening, but there is nothing that sets it apart from anything else in the genre. However, that balance between chill vibes and dance is meticulous, and you would do well to listen to it around the BBQ this summer.