Jack River

What’s your name then? Holly
And the name of your band? Jack River
What do you do? Drag songs from my head into reality.
Why did you start Jack River? Because songs that weren’t IRL yet were stuck in my head and I thought I better get them out.
Do you think you’re good at doing it? I’m good at dragging things out of my head, and I think every song ever written has value.
What’s you proudest moment ? Playing to a giant crowd of humans and seeing the transfer of electricity happen after making these songs for so long.
And your least proud? Missing my little brother’s formal yesterday.
What makes you happiest about being a musician? When people tell me a song of mine is helping them through some kind of hardship/or they are just loving it. Also the moment when a song clicks in the studio and a whole new world is born into your life.
What makes you unhappiest about it? The standards of practice surrounding artists at the beginning of their career, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, I’m pretty keen to mess with it.
If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing? Studying science and working as a scuba diving instructor. And I would have a dog. 

Jack River will play The Workers Club on Saturday December 3.