Jack Johnson welcomed the Christmas season with a bang

Walking onstage to moderate applause and opening with ‘Never Again’Bahamas – backed by his four-piece band – seemed quite at home. 

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Despite jet lag taking its toll on the band as they swayed on the spot, the band rolled through Bahamas’ Juno award-winning hits including ‘I Got You Babe’, ‘Caught Me Thinking’ and ‘Lost In The Light’, which was the definite highlight of his set.
‘How you guys doing?’ Johnson greeted, as the band launched into ‘If I Had Eyes’off 2008’s Sleep Through The Static. Although promoting and playing tracks off All The Lights Above It Too, Johnson’s enthusiasm to play extensively through his back catalogue at will, proved to be a continuous highlight. ‘Never Know’ flowed into ‘Flake’and after launching into the iconic riff of ‘Taylor’, fans were informed that Johnson and the band were in for a ‘good time’.
After taking us through the political part of the show inspired by the election of George Bush (‘Good People’) and Donald Trump (‘My Mind is Not For Sale’) Johnson launched into the story of laying down songs on his answering machine back in the day which completely confused younger fans in the moshpit. ‘Tomorrow Morning’led a string of classics including ‘Bubble Toes’, ‘Breakdown’ as well as new tracks ‘Subplots’ and ‘Big Sur’.
Gigs are built on moments and Jack Johnson’s was full of them. Midway through his set, Zach Gill informed the crowd that he takes requests before launching into a mass sing-along of ‘Purple Rain’. That won’t be forgotten anytime soon.
A consummate performer who knows how to bring the party, Jack Johnson is a definite must-see. From the lighting setup consisting of jars strung up, to linking arms with your mates for singalong after singalong, thank you Mr Johnson for bringing in Christmas with a bang.
Highlight: ‘Better Together’.
Lowlight: None to think of.
Crowd Favourite: ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Flake’.