Ites : Trumpylvania


Trumpylvania is an eerie collection of snippets from Donald Trump speeches to an experimental, sometimes dark hip hop backdrop.
The EP commences with the slightly underwhelming Short-Fingered Vulgarian that loops “Donald Trump is very, very special” with a monotonous synth and beat.  
Trumpylvania  picks up speed and credibility quickly, as reverberated crickets turn into a cut together Trump who bellows “When I first started, God looked down and he said…Oh no.” Bristol beats push the song along, as simultaneous layers are added with a sprinkling of Trump’s phrases to form a catchy tapestry of disturbing noise. 
Debney draws parallels from the current state of politics in the USA to a dark science fiction reality in Fear is the Mind Killer. A sample is used from sci-fi classic, Dune to reinforce the feeling that fear is an effective tool to manipulate and control society.
Brain Death marks the last snippet into Debney’s political commentary as a final Trump sample concludes his findings with “We have not used Intelligence.” This EP is best listened to while watching our own political leaders flail around to their own agenda, as a contextual reminder of how lucky we are to be in Australia right now.
By Jemma King