Introducing CHANGES: A two-day exploration of the music industry's future

Unpacking the future of music, tech, and ideas. 

CHANGES is a two-day conference bringing together the brightest minds, events and discussions to outline a future for the music industry. 

Taking place in Melbourne, the program is broken down into distinct sections: music, tech, talks, and ideas. 

The music program will represent the most inventive artists throughout Victoria, spanning two nights in Fitzroy and Collingwood with a series of showcases. 

Tech centres around innovation, exploring how we interact with music and what that might develop into. 

A curated selection of 30-minute talks from local and international experts as well as masterclasses and workshops will challenge the current modes of thinking -- offering actionable advice on how we can navigate the current and future music industry landscape. 

Finally, ideas is an open discussion and collaborative affair -- bringing together an open dialogue that begs the question: what's next for the music industry? 

CHANGES is headquartered within the ACU Melbourne Campus, going down on July 4 and July 5.