The inspiring music program giving young women the tools to pick up an instrument

We chat with the co-founder of the program, Claire Cross.

What is the vision behind the YoWo Music program and who makes up the collective?

YoWo Music is a performance program for young women and GNC youth in high school. Our participants are given the opportunity to play in a band and create their own original music, in a supportive and nurturing environment, under the guidance of professional young female mentors.
Lena Douglas and myself are the co-founders and artistic directors, and we have Francesca Gonzales and Maggie Rigby onboard as our current mentors. 
Tell us about YoWo’s new album Work Like That. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

Work Like That is a collection of original songs that our participants have written this semester, assisted by our fabulous mentors, as well as producers Emah Fox and Anna Laverty. We wanted to provide our participants with an invaluable opportunity to experience recording professionally and launching their own music.
Each song is a remarkable look into the stories of these young people and the way they reflect on the world around them. The album itself is a strong, positive statement, showcasing the immense talent and hard work of these aspiring musicians who are the upcoming generation in the Melbourne music community.
Aside from the collective’s honest storytelling, how would you describe the sound of YoWo Music?
We have a wide range of influences coming through on this album from our participants who come from different backgrounds, so the 'sound' of YoWo Music is truly a representation of diversity. Expect to hear some punky-pop, some super sweet mellow folk, some lush future-soul/jazz sounds, and some serious groove and attitude. 
What can we expect from the album launch show?

A YoWo gig is the most heartfelt gig you will ever go to, so if you're into good vibes this is the place for you. You will find the most supportive audience, watching an incredible bunch of young musicians absolutely slay. We are stoked to have Elle Shimada and her band performing a support slot too, which is sure to be an inspiration.
What’s next for the YoWo Music program? Anything news that fans should be keeping an eye out for?

We are still riding the wave of getting this album out into the world. But keep your eyes peeled for our brand new merch which will be on sale within the next week. Next semester we have already lined up some unique and pretty exciting performance opportunities, and we would love to keep offering recording experiences to our participants too in the future when the funding allows. If any young people are keen to get amongst it, we highly recommend applying on our website for the program.

YoWo Music will launch their debut album Work Like That at The Evelyn Hotel on Sunday November 25. Head to the YoWo Music website to find out more about this incredible organisation.