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Immigrant Union : Oregon

Accordingly to their press release, Immigrant Union formed when Brent DeBoer (The Dandy Warhols) and Bob Harrow (Melbourne’s Lazy Sons) met at Cherry Bar one night. A mere 24 hours later, found themselves “on a farm outside Nagambie drinking VB cans and strumming classic country and rock ‘til dawn.” This is awkward, see, because I already dislike them for introducing themselves by way of this transparent attempt at a self-mythologising rock and roll story. I get a couple of these ‘drank ‘til dawn’ stories a week. They’re now silly stories. Everyone who ever picked up a guitar has, at some point, drunk ‘til dawn and strummed rock and country classics. Is it in anyway special or interesting? Nope. Spruiking it generally indicates a total lack of imagination that neatly transfers to your music. Case in point, Oregon; which is twee country music.