Illinois sad boys Real Friends were met by a passionate Melbourne crowd

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Lewis Nixon

Real Friends brought nothing but raw energy to the table for this intimate gig, leaving the crowd craving more.
Opening the night were Australian bands Stuck Out, Columbus and Harbours. Each brought their own fire to the stage, and for those who came in not having heard of these talents; safe to say they all went out keen to hear more. 
From the moment Real Friends took the stage, the crowd was in a frenzy. With this their third trip to Australia, the band certainly appreciated the energy of a young Melbourne crowd. Fans fed off the passionate performance with endless circle pits, crowd surfing and passionate singalongs. Opening the set on a high with killer songs Empty Picture Frames and Colder Quicker, the crowd were straight into it and quick to grab the mic to join in. The intimacy of the room made the high energy of the night even more surreal.
The most touching moment of the night came with a meaningful speech from frontman Dan Lambton about his struggle with mental health. He went on to encourage anyone in the audience who is going through some sort of struggle to seek help before finishing the set with Dead, Anchor Down and Mess.
Real Friends never fail to deliver show after show. The atmosphere is instantly electrified with their energetic sound and heavy lyrics that hook every listener in. It was certainly an astonishing and fitting ending to an amazing tour.
Highlight: Audience interaction throughout the whole show was so positive.
Lowlight: I walked out with many a bruise (but it was worth it).
Crowd Favourite: Lost Boy, every single audience member sang along to this anthem.