How to get around Melbourne Music Week for less

More bang for your buck.

The hype around Melbourne Music Week has reached an all-time high, so it’s no surprise DiDi have partnered with MMW as The Official Rideshare Partner of Melbourne Music Week to make sure you get the most out of your night out.

DiDi is the latest rideshare app to arrive in Melbourne, having been here for just six months now.  DiDi is already making waves throughout the city, having teamed up with some up-and-coming Aussie musicians to show that getting home from a gig doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Two Melbourne acts, Gretta Ray and ALTA, will be taking the stage at Melbourne Music Week. For both musicians, the ride home from the performance is part of the full journey.

For Gretta Ray, who is playing this coming Monday at Melbourne Music Week, the ride home is a temporary sanctuary, offering a moment to delve through the blurry memories that an adrenaline-filled gig can produce.

“The ride home from the show is definitely a time to reflect on what just happened,” Ray says in the video.

Ray loves performing to the Melbourne crowd, a crowd she has grown up with. Being able to perform at an eclectic mix of locations around the city during Melbourne Music Week this year is just a manifestation of that passion.

“What I love about playing Melbourne Music Week is you can play at different kinds of venues and different kinds of spaces. It really is incredible,” Ray said.

For ALTA duo, Hannah and Julius, the ride home is more a time to draw inspiration. When the hype has subsided and it’s time to head home, Hannah and Julius reflect on the gig they’ve just seen on the ride home and consider how it could shape their songwriting for the better.

“The ride home from a show is a time to reflect on the gig you’ve just played or the gig you've just seen, and let that kind of inspire you in your writing and performing,” Hannah said.

Similarly to Ray, ALTA find Melbourne Music Week to be a genuine example of what makes Melbourne’s music scene so rich. For the ordinary music fan, being able to easily find a gig on a  free evening is a true luxury.

“Melbourne Music Week is a reflection of Melbourne’s music scene, in that there so many gigs on you can literally go to any show, you don’t have to pick out the big acts,” Julius said.

“You can just rock up and you’re going to have a good night.”

With over 250 events at Melbourne Music Week this year, make sure you get an affordable ride around town with DiDi. DiDi is offering the first 5,000 music fans new to DiDi ten $5 vouchers to help them experience MMW. To redeem click here. T&Cs apply.