Horrorshow : Bardo State


MC Solo’s voice is not the most melodic going around. His monotone delivery is more akin to spoken word than braggadocious raps, and for newcomers to Horrorshow’s music one or two spins is unlikely to convert you. More is the shame. Because here is the thing: Solo is quite possibly the best lyricist on the local scene today.
His prose flows effortlessly, articulating personal and relatable stories and scenarios with rhymes that seem to fit together with Adit’s smart, varied music production like a completed jigsaw puzzle. Give Bardo State a chance and a few listens, and you’ll be converted. This is a very polished album, choc full of collaborations with up-and-comers. Highlights include If You Know What I Mean, Cherry Blossom, and opener My Time – a collaboration with Turquoise Prince – but this album is full of hidden treasures. Horrorshow are like that diamond in the rough jazz bar that you always walk past because you assume it’s not worth it, but that one time you do stick your head in, you never regret it.
By Eben Rojter