Honesty is the best policy when it comes to The Record Company

Los Angeles rock’n’roll trio The Record Company truly encapsulate the idea of creating authentic and raw music, and their honest approach reverberates through the hearts and minds of listeners.

Their most recent album Give It Back To You has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album, and the album’s first single Off The Ground scored top spot on radio stations throughout the country. Vocalist Chris Vos discusses the band’s musical journey and how it’s only strengthened their ever-growing bond.
“The thing that remains throughout any consistent era of rock’n’roll that I’ve cared about is honesty and the sound of music that sounds like somebody needs to play what they’re playing,” Vos says.
“For us, the way we feel and the way we sound our best is when we leave the human mistakes and elements in there, and not because we want to have mistakes but aren’t those sometimes the best parts? The flaws are the flavour of the whole thing, it’s like maybe you don’t sing in key completely the whole time and maybe you do.”
Vos discusses how Neil Young is a perfect example of integrity and honesty, since he has great depth as an artist and this is evident in his music. 
“Neil Young had a quote where he said if he had to pick between two takes, one where he thought he sang perfectly, and one where he thought he sang with more emotion and vibe, he’s gonna go with the one with vibe,” Vos says. “Even if he feels like the other take was more perfect. I think that’s something that we’ve always tried to keep in mind, lessons like that.
“Those are the kind of artists that when you’re starting a band you want to learn as much about how they feel, what inspired them to be what they are, then maybe it’ll give you some inspiration to be honest yourself.”
The Record Company’s growing experience with songwriting has strengthened their vibe as a band, and their song craft has evolved as a result.
“It’s like a good relationship that’s actually working right, when it’s working right,” Vos says. “When you have a friendship or a significant other and you’re not a musician, it’s very similar to that. You know you don’t have to talk so much about what’s going on, because you know each other, you get it.
“It’s a very natural thing, you put out records, you put out songs and you start to ask ‘what did I like about what we did?’ ‘What would I like to do next?’ and the more you’re in the element of writing together, playing together, the stronger the bond.
“When you’re out there together, and you’re doing this thing all the time, the relationship is staying positive because you care about each other and you’re trying to do it right. You’re trying to do right by each other, you do change and evolve and your vision becomes very cemented together. You start to feel like you all are going in the same direction, and that’s a wonderful feeling.”
Vos is really looking forward to performing in Australia, since he’s always wanted to travel here but hasn’t yet been able to.
“I’ve never met an Australian that I didn’t like,” Vos says. “Every time I’ve ever met an Australian person, I always end up having the time of my life somehow.
“I feel that it’s very important to take in new experiences because there’s so much to learn from every corner. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of what the culture is truly like and I absolutely love getting inside a place and learning what the vibe is. I love the idea of getting to know how people see things, feel about things, what are the traditions around here. Those are the true rewards of travelling and getting to play.
“The only time you’re ever living is the moment you’re living, the past is gone and the future is not real, the present that you’re in is all you got, so wherever you’re at, you’ve got to be there completely.”
By Christine Tsimbis

The Record Company will perform at Byron Bay Bluesfest, running from Thursday April 13 – Monday April 17. They’ll headline Northcote Social Club on Thursday April 20.