Homeshake's 'Helium' is so buoyant it's indicative of a balloon floating into space

Peter Sagar is strung tight to his dreamy, bedroom-laden songwriting.

Homeshake’s fourth album Helium is one that is aptly tilted. The project of Peter Sagar, Homeshake has created an album that is dispersed, ambient and experimental, yet all the while emotive in the way that synthesiser floats throughout. 

Opening instrumental track ‘Empty’ gently slides the rest of the album into play, as Sagar’s syrupy and velvety vocals soon waft through sonic palettes. Lead single ‘Like Mariah’ while intimate, does not stand out. 

As musical interludes unfold, it’s evident that Homeshake does not need lyrics to make for an absorbing track. Instrumental piece ‘Heartburn’ transitions into ‘All Night Long’ effortlessly, continuing a static, fuzzy and almost eerie theme that is dreamlike in its vulnerability. ‘Trudi and Lou’ also offers a delicate and dainty change from the former track and is dripping in jazz instrumentations and chord progressions. Second single ‘Nothing Could Be Better’, and the lo-fi ‘Just Like My’ are warmer and more textural and make for album highlights. 

While Helium is stripped back in comparison to the chorus-laden guitar sounds on previous albums, Homeshake still delivers a compelling album that comes to fruition through its minimalism.