Homeshake : Fresh Air


If you’re unfamiliar with Homeshake – think of Toro y Moi slowed down to 33 rpm and a joint piping out Chaz Bundick’s mouth. The lackadaisical Mac DeMarco offshoot that is Peter Sagar produces slacker synth pop which is useful listening in two situations – when you’re high or as a backdrop for a quiet night in with a bottle of shiraz.
Taking his synthesiser exploration up a notch from his debut LP In the Shower, Midnight Snack was an exciting progression in Homeshake’s niche realm of indie music. Lamentably, he takes a step back on Fresh Air. Having got into a habit of opening albums with uninviting preludes, Hello Welcome is much the same – warped string-play garnishes a release which merely kicks over 60 seconds. Charmingly, Sagar creates a serenader’s dream on Call Me Up – a match in narrative and seductive, yearning vocals.
Nevertheless, uninspired, one-paced productions sprawl a middle passage which is more of a listening void than a means of frolic. Move This Body was the most exciting track from Midnight Snack for its upbeat, distorted rhythms and Serious assumes that role on Fresh Air. Homeshake’s latest is a step sideways more than a step forward – here’s to hoping for something more experimental on LP number four. 
By Tom Parker