Holy Holy : Paint


Paint has a very upbeat and funky, almost psychedelic feel, with drums and a flowing synth omnipresent. Like a more upbeat Tame Impala record, Paint keeps the swaying tunes coming, with vocals almost as catchy as the rhythms. Once you fall in love with this record, you find yourself singing the lyrics in your head all day and you aren’t even a little bit mad about it.
Darwinism and True Lovers form the double punch in the middle of it all, highlighting exactly what this album is. In the midst of all the indie psychedelic rock albums that seem to be flying onto shelves lately, this is one that gets it right.
By the time you get to the five and a half minute Send My Regards which acts as the album’s closer, you’ll have been through quite the musical journey, both musically and lyrically, and be all the better for it. Paint is an album which takes Holy Holy in a great new direction while solidifying the sound they’ve spent the last two years touring on. It also gives them more than enough material to wow the crowds for years to come.
By Nathan Quattrucci