Hockey Dad : Blend Inn

The second studio album from Hockey Dad is a consolidation of their sound and a record that should push them further into the minds of the Australian public.

Heavy and punkish at times with room for ballads in between, it’s a constant variety of sounds from the NSW duo.
Lead singles ‘Homely Feeling’ and ‘I Wanna Be Everybody’ are both heavily guitar-driven tracks that very much capture a surf-rock vibe. Easy to listen to, easy to singalong with, Hockey Dad are about as laid back as you can get.
Through the middle of the album, tracks like ‘Whatever’ slow things down from the very uptempo start, before the album picks up again for the big finish. Some of the slower moments fall into the weaker parts of the album – though that doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that Hockey Dad definitely bring their best when going hard.
Finishing with the slightly more experimental and psychedelic ‘Eggshells’, Blend Inn is a solid album and a decent stride forward for Hockey Dad. While this may not quite be the special album that carries them upward with a rocket, it feels like that moment isn’t too far away.