Here's your first look at Dark Mofo's 2018 lineup

Something wicked this way comes. 

Mona's winter solstice festival, Dark Mofo, is on again this June and they've just released the first artist programmed to perform, as well as the link for where to register for pre-sale tickets. 

Legendary UK "acid kings", Electric Wizard, will play an Australian exclusive show as part of the festival, at the Odeon Theatre in Hobart. They're a fittingly dark and mysterious group, describing their music as occult-themed, cannabis-inspired sleaze.

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Dark Mofo, if you haven't heard, is run by the eclectic and privately-funded Museum of New and Old Art in Tassie, curated to explore ancient rituals and mythology, humans, nature, religious and secular traditions, as well as concepts of light, dark, birth, death and renewal. Think of it as Mona Foma's twisted, bitter cousin. 

If all of those intriguing ideas really sound like your bag, hop onto the website and get ready for some otherworldly art and music. 

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Dark Mofo runs from Friday June 15 to Sunday June 24 in Tasmania, with the full program announced on Friday April 6. Electric Wizard will play at the Odeon Thetare in Hobart on Thursday June 21, and registration for pre-sale tickets for both their gig and the rest of the festival is open via the website