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Henry Wagons Feat. Alison Mosshart : Unwelcome Company

Something amazing happened earlier in the year in a tiny barn out near Tallarook. A deity-like apparition emerged in bespectacled cowboy getup, microphone in hand, to stun an early-morning festival crowd with a karaoke rendition of Folsom Prison Blues. It was at that point in time that the song no longer belonged to Johnny Cash. How could it? It was now Henry Wagons’. Unwelcome Company is a series of climaxes that reasserts the notion that Henry BasedGod Wagons is the finest musician that this nation, if not the universe, has ever created. I don’t feel worthy to bask in this splendour. I’m concerned for Alison Mosshart as her music career has hit its unequivocal high point, it’s only down from here. The guitar solos here are so brilliant that the instrument should be retired from music henceforth as a sign of respect. Thank you Henry Wagons.