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The Hello Morning Announce Tour

Local sprawling folk-rock collective The Hello Morning have announced a massive East Coast tour, supporting the release of their ace new single Stone Cold Lover.

The single precedes the likely lads' much-anticipated and long-gestating debut album, which is due to drop early in 2012.


With a lineup populace with crack musicians, the band's pop laden, soulful country tunes become psychedelic bliss-outs live. Armed to the teeth with numbers elegantly robust and organically haunting, The Hello Mothing carry the old-guard swoon of acts like The Band or Neil Young and the determined swagger of newer blues statesmen like My Morning Jacket.


After performing a number of shows in Sydney and Brisbane, the band will return for a triumphant homecoming at Northcote Social Club.


The Hello Morning perform at Northcote Social Club on Thursday January 12.