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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

F irst things first, the event name: how did you come up with it and what's it about?

"Well, the event name is called HEAR and we came up with the name by opening the dictionary and pointing at a word. Worked out pretty well, 'cos we all love the name and it just rolls off the tongue."


And what's the damn show all about?

"The show is all about getting people together listen to good music, awesome bands and making the club scene different by adding in comedians and movies into the venue just for a different feel."


What made you decide to put together the event?

"Because we wanted to give people more options on Thursday night, and we wanted to show people how we get down and party."


Why should people be interested in what you're doing?

"Because we got a great venue where people can chill to watch movies or dance the night away, we are getting some of the best local unknown bands out there for people to listen to and some of the best DJ's playing some of the best tunes from the '70s, '80s, '90s and now... Plus we've got people dressing up in panda outfits to play with everyone so that's going to be badarse."


Who should people check out?

"Well they should check out the bands for our opening night Hug Therapist and Japan For. Some of the best local talent that I've seen. DJ Monty is one of the funniest comedians I've met and has an awesome knowledge of music."


If you had to talk someone into coming, how would you convince him/her?

"By telling them that we're no normal club. We get the best of all genres of music together to make a super club… plus we got panda's running around. I think that would draw a crowd any day."


What sorts of tunes influence you into putting together the event?

"As a musician and DJ, I find a lot of genres to be influential, but then when making this event, we wanted to get people dancing the whole night, to enjoy themselves in new ways and make sure that people will be talking about this night for a long time."


What do you hope to achieve with the event

"We hope we can give people the time of their lives with their friends and hopefully start the carer of the next big band/comedian."


What would you recommend as the best activity to pursue whilst the event is happening?

"The best activity to pursue during the night... EVERYTHING!!! We've got the best lineup of everything going on for the night."


When's the gig and who is playing… and really, why should we all go?

"Well opening night is at CBD on Thursday May 26and we'll be opening every Thursday afterwards. We got Hug Therapist and Japan For playing the night and I'll be DJing with some of my best friends. The real reason why people should come… WE'VE GOT PANDAS!!!! What else could you ask for? The city location, the drink specials for all I care are an extra to make this night a special night."